VELVET 05 ALCHEMIST. Original Totem.


Original illustration: 21 x 29.7 cm (8.26 x 11.69 "). Watercolor pencil and ink on Paper 250 g. Collection: VELVET. Artist: América Bañuelos. Paris, 2021.



In the oldest stories, of our most distant ancestors, there were always beings of great curiosity, wisdom and scientific acuity.

It is said that these beings reached such vast knowledge that they became a threat to the great powers that reigned in their time. They were thought to be practitioners of the dark sciences.

With time and the lights of human thought, these beings were saw little by little with admiration and were recovering a place in society: druids, magicians and alchemists.

Our character here is an alchemist and is a woman, who has a double nature, between material and mental. She was born in mysterious and rugged lands from where other fantastic beings arise, products of the imagination and human passion.

She is a woman of great wisdom who also has the gift of sympathy. She travels discreetly around the world sharing her charisma and knowledge and, therefore, in gatherings, is the ideal companion.


Unique piece. Made and shipped from Paris, France. Frame not included.

158.00 €


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