VELVET 02 THE SHADOW. Original Totem.


Original illustration: 21 x 29.7 cm (8.26 x 11.69 "). Watercolor pencil and ink on Paper 250 g. Collection: VELVET. Artist: América Bañuelos. Paris, 2022.



The Shadow is a literary and psychoanalytic figure that Jung borrowed from Nietzsche.

This figure represents the hidden personality in each individual. At first glance, most of us perceive ourselves as kind beings. However, there are certain repressed dimensions and inherited instincts within us where violence, hatred and ambition of power tend to hide.

The archetype of The Shadow not only lives in each person, it can also live in groups of people: sects, religions and political or business corporations. These are organizations that can throw their shadows into the light at any time to justify violent acts against humanity.

In « Civilization and Its Discontents » Sigmud Freud maintains that The Shadow is more destructive, insidious and dangerous when we repress it the most... However, the type of shadow that I present to you here, could show signs of something different, not so dualist and perhaps more encouraging.

Perhaps, this time it represents a change of path, the definitive abandonment of the tragedy of our collective shadow, towards a more transparent and peaceful society... Perhaps.


Unique piece. Made and shipped from Paris, France. Frame not included.

165.00 €


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