FOG 04 PURPLE CLOUD ANGEL. Original Totem.

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Original illustration: 21 x 29.7 cm (8.26 x 11.69 "). Watercolor pencil and ink on Paper. Collection: FOG. Artist: América Bañuelos. Paris, 2018.



*It is said that when a silence appears between two people, it is because an angel has passed and stole their voice...

This charismatic creature, which we have here, has her wings on her tail, so while she is flying she can sit and swing at the same time. Could she also be a voice thief? She has many things to say, I think.

It is a mystery to be discovered. All we know about is that her wings are warm and her heart is kind. But pay attention! she doesn't hesitate to defend herself if she must.

Its nature is threefold: air, earth and fire. Its name is Purple Cloud. She moves with elegance and discretion like an angel and has the curiosity, agility and bravery of a feline.

This Totem is the ideal companion because it warms you up when it's cold and gives you the courage to speak with determination. So, always keep it with you.

*Inspired by the song "Ángel para un Final" (Angel for an Ending) by the singer and songwriter Silvio Rodríguez.


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