Welcome to my world!

totem.book is both a Studio and a concept of independent Visual Creation.

The concept consists of transferring the illustration of fantastic creatures, called Totems, to +50 Totem-Objects available in the e-Shop Redbubble.

The original illustrations can be purchased at the Original Totems Gallery, where you can also discover the story behind each creature.


The fantastic creatures of totem.book are based on real human beings that I find in my life. I am inspired by their stories and their personalities that I reinterpret through mythologies, songs and even poetry.

totem.book was created for you to know them...

...maybe also to escape from reality, from the cold of winter or simply, to understand certain aspects of human complexity in the way that fascinates me the most: Art.

Who is behind this Project?

My name is América Bañuelos and I am a Mexican visual artist living in Paris since 2014.

It was by wanting to develop my creative sensitivity that I started the totem.book project 5 years ago. Back then it was mostly a hobby and occupational therapy.

Now, I have decided to follow my dreams and set up my own studio to take this project as a full time job.

Let's see where this will takes us!